Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Peter Carnavas, children's author/illustrator speaks out

Peter Carnavas is a popular name in the children's book world. Today, he speaks out in support of keeping the Restrictions against Parallel Importation of Books.

As a children's author/illustrator, I know the huge impact that my books and other Australian books have on children, inspiring them to develop a love of reading.


If PIRs are removed, so many Australians will lose out - authors, illustrators, publishers, independent booksellers, teachers, librarians, parents and, most of all, children. It is a move that will only disadvantage these stakeholders and weaken Australian culture.

I am just one of hundreds of Australian children's book creators that would be forced to reconsider the viability of making children's literature.

We already receive minimal earnings, dedicating ourselves to what we do through our passion for promoting literature and stories to children.

This decision would cripple our efforts to put wonderful stories into the hands of Australian kids.

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